Cashzine-Hot news platform

開発: Hui Min Lee

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  • 2019-08-15リリース


Cashzine provides users with daily news, local hotspots, entertainment, health and wellness, social and livelihood, and other multi-channel news hotspots, and through the big data algorithm, accurately recommend the hot content that users are interested in, so that users are no longer plagued by redundant information. , reading is more efficient.
[Massive information]
For the user to select headlines, social focus news, entertainment hot news, health and health posts, domestic and international anecdotes and other multi-channel news hotspots.
[Original platform]
Participate in high-quality content creation, share your insights and insights, record every moment of life, and your creations can become hot spots.
[Humanized Reading]
You can manually adjust the font size of the article, bookmark your favorite articles, share articles to social software such as whatsapp, twitter, messenger.



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