In The Clear

開発: Josh Sauder

  • 価格:250JPY
  • バージョン:2.1
  • 2019-05-18リリース


In The Clear is designed to alleviate the pain of unexpectedly having to traveling through unfavorable weather conditions. The days of having to travel through snow storms, or severe weather are no more!

Have you ever been stuck in a snow storm, trapped in torrential rains, or driving when the tornado sirens are going off? Chances are you have, and these probably aren't your fondest memories. This app will help you to be better prepared for the weather conditions you will be traveling through. When your friends and/or loved ones tell you "Happy Travels", you will know that your travels will be happy and safe.

With this app, you are able to:
- View your conditions via the route displayed on the map
- Select your own trip stops (hotel, visit your long lost cousin, etc.) and departure times so you can plan ahead
- See a table of the cities you are going to be traveling through and know the weather and temperatures you can expect to be experiencing in each city
- See the distance and time it will take you to travel your trip
- Export your trip to Google Maps
- In The Clear uses Dark Sky's dead accurate weather service so you can be certain that the weather conditions you see in the app, will be the conditions you will experience during your travels.

Tired of traveling through unfavorable weather conditions? Download In The Clear today so you never have to drive through unfavorable weather again!



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