Shift Keyboard for Watch

開発: Adam Foot

  • 価格:250JPY
  • バージョン:3.0.1
  • 2019-02-21リリース


Shift Keyboard provides you with a fully functional keyboard on your wrist.

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Typing messages on your Apple Watch can be chore - Scribble doesn't always work and Voice Dictation isn't great in public. That's where Shift Keyboard can help!

By adding a full QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard to your Apple Watch, you can easily reply to your messages quickly and privately.

Shift Keyboard provides you with the following essential features:


Shift Keyboard supports two different keyboard layouts: Full or Precise.

The Full keyboard adds a standard full size QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard to your Apple Watch with no scrolling.

Precise adds larger keys but spread out over a greater area to ensure maximum precision when typing - especially useful if you have larger fingers! This is available in QWERTY, AZERTY or Alphabetical layouts.


Shift Keyboard will suggest completions to the current word you are typing.

Tap on a suggestion to replace the current typed word with the full suggestion. Great for improving speed on the small screen!

Access all suggestions by tapping the ellipsis icon next to the first two suggestions.


Whilst typing, Shift Keyboard will attempt to guess the word you were meant to type if you made a spelling mistake.

If it guesses wrong, just turn the Digital Crown to select another one - or your original typed text.


On the Full keyboard, you'll be able to see which key you are currently touching - just like the traditional iOS keyboard.

Simply drag away to cancel adding that character if it's not the one you were after!


Shift Keyboard has full support for adding symbols, numbers and other special characters.


Unlike the built-in Messages app, Shift Keyboard supports adding an unlimited amount of emoji to a single message!

Simply select the emoji you’d like to add from the emoji picker and it’ll be appended to your message.

Your top 10 most recent emoji will even be suggested the next time you tap the emoji button.


Before sending your message, just tap the text field to view a full preview of your message.


Shift Keyboard uses the built-in Apple Messages app on your Apple Watch to send messages to your contacts.

Type out your message, tap the send button and you’ll be taken to the Messages app with your message ready to go!


Choose to receive Haptic Feedback on actions like key presses and button actions.


For quick and easy access, you can add the Shift Keyboard Complication to your Apple Watch’s Watch Face. Just tap and the keyboard will launch.


Use a swipe left gesture for backspace or a swipe right for a space for quick typing. Full keys for both of these functions are also available too.


After typing out your message and sending to a contact, you can choose to automatically clear the keyboard so you don’t have to clear it yourself.

If your message gets cleared, you can easily get it back by accessing the Force Touch menu and choosing Get Last.


Whilst typing on the Full keyboard, you can see exactly where you are with the pulsing blue cursor.


Customise Shift Keyboard your way.

Access the Settings menu by using Force Touch on the keyboard and you’ll be able to change options like Haptic Feedback, automatic clearing of messages, keyboard type and Auto Complete.


The Apple Watch app can be installed without the iPhone counterpart.

Just head to the App Store app on your Apple Watch and search Shift Keyboard.

Full instructions for installing & troubleshooting can be found in the iPhone app.

Get in contact:

Twitter: @AdamFootUK

Please note, this app requires an Apple Watch for the majority of functions. Currently, sending messages in the Apple Watch app only supports the built-in Apple Messages app using iMessage or SMS.




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