Five Venom War

開発: 不飞鸟

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  • 4.5
  • バージョン:1.0
  • 2019-01-12リリース


Five Venom War! This is a poisonous game!

Added super BOSS, spiders、crickets perverted debut!

This is a super fun leisure and competitive games, not only fight hand speed, but also test your strategy! In the world of greedy snake battle, everyone in the initial incarnation of a snake, through continuous efforts to become more and more long, the ultimate system Pa side!

Game play
1. Control the rocker to walk your snake, eat the color dot on the map, it will become longer.
2. Be careful! Snakeheads encounter other snakes will die, and produce a large number of small dots.
3. Long press the accelerator key, with a clever walk to the snake was hit by others, you can eat the body quickly grow.
4. Add super BOSS, scorpion essence, centipede fine waiting for you to challenge!

Game features
[To small risk, war situation at any time counter-attack]
You long you rational, I am short I am flexible! Serpents no longer have a dominant position, snakes are more flexible, the situation at any time may be reversed!

【Simple and fun, all ages of the game
No matter what age, what sex, what occupation, as long as the simple stamp poke on the screen, you can find a great fight in the snake big fun!

【Combat skills, the old driver to teach you recipe】
Rapid overtaking to intercept snakehead, emergency stop shaking grab Road, 180 degrees gorgeous and elegant, draw a circle curse you ... these are fighting skills!
Who said the big fight by snake alone hand speed? Strategy is also very important, of course, if you happen to single and practiced hand speed - perfect!

[This game is toxic, do not stop]
Super-Q Chao Meng style, a Bureau of Bureau of the same as poisoning, do not stop, ha ha ha ha ha!




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