Ballistic X

開発: Nomad Innovations, LLC

  • 価格:960JPY
  • バージョン:1.1
  • 2019-01-28リリース


Ballistic-X is the easiest way to calculate shot groups and to Zero a rifle! Designed by shooters, the simple and intuitive interface allows user to setup their own parameters via our settings menu. Options includes MOA/MIL, Imperial/Metric, and will work with any target including Steel. BX also offers useful data and labeling options that aid in Load Development. ATZ (Adjustment To Zero) feature tells shooter how much to adjust turrets to bring rifle to Zero, allowing a perfect zero with fewer rounds shot. ATZ works dynamically at any range and is compatible with all turret options!

Workflow is simple:

- Take image of Target (within App or from Library)
- Designate reference size in settings menu
- Mark the two points on target which coincide with reference (grid target or steel target)
- Input distance from Target
- Mark Point Of Aim and Impacts
- Add Overlay, Label, and Export
- Adjust Optic according to ATZ

Ballistic-X is a community driven App committed to the best user experience possible along with customer service second to none!



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