Color Collect - Palette Studio

開発: WizEyes Tech

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  • バージョン:1.5.7
  • 2018-11-07リリース


Inspiration comes from our daily life. When you record your life with photos, how about capture it with color as well? Collect your favorite colors today!

Color Collect is a color picker for the real world. When you pick colors through your camera, you can manually adjust the circles for your ideal shades. As long as you can see the colors, the app captures them for you. This feature works for photos on your phone as well. Hard to decide your colors on a picture? A random selection feature will explore the possibilities for you.

You can review all saved color palettes in your archive.

To make it even better, Color Collect Basic allows you:

+ Use an extensive library of beautiful color palettes
+ Edit an existing palette to further customize it for you
+ Search palettes based on colors and palette titles
+ Support four color harmony recommendations
+ Copy and share the colors
+ Write a note
+ Ready for Dark Mode and iOS13 update.

Color Collect Pro allows you:

+ Business license for palettes in Pro
+ All palette for inspiration
+ Unlimited random color inspiration
+ Color harmony recommendation
+ All photo color palette features
+ iCloud backup for iPhone and iPad
+ Palette color and name search
+ All palette displays
+ All palette sharing options

Color Collect has Basic and Pro purchase options. Only basic features are included when you download the app. Pro features are in-app purchase. Pay once. Unlock forever.

Color palettes in the app are a suitable reference for:

■ PowerPoint design
■ Social media post and ads artwork
■ User interface and web design
■ Book cover design
■ Home decor
■ Matching clothes

I hope you enjoy the app!

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