Dual Space - Multiple Account

開発: Thi To Oanh Bui

  • 価格:360JPY
  • バージョン:1.0
  • 2018-10-18リリース


Dual Space - Multiple Accounts is an expanded version for Dual Space.

"Dual Space - Multiple Accounts" will help you to login many accounts for many social platforms at the same time, in one device.
For example if you have 2 or more Facebook accounts, you can login all of them in this app - Dual Space Multiple Accounts.

Now you will never have to switch accounts, just add all your accounts, select the one you need and connect with your friends.
Dual Space will help you balance work & life, help you manage friends & relationships from many different groups.

Dual Space - Multiple Accounts also provide many useful features:
• Private Passcode Lock: keep all sensitive informations safety
• Private Browser & Note: surf web & keep note without worry about other people eyes.
• File Import & Export: keep your file, explore & open many file kind.
• Support to login many social platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat,...

Hope our app can help you!
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