開発: Drew Fairchild

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  • バージョン:1.2
  • 2018-07-25リリース


RepTool is an all in one tool designed with Reptile Breeders and Keepers in mind. Featuring tools to manage your reptiles whether it be 1 or 10,000+.

RepTool eliminates the need for keeping paper records of the last feeding, shedding, cleaning dates, as well as many other important details that you want to keep track of.

Keep yourself informed with the latest in genetics and morph names in the trade, and check out the pictures to get an edge in the breeding scene with the Browse Morphs tool.

RepTool has a simplified Genetic Calculator to make your breeding project planning quick and easy, use your reptiles from your collection manager or play out scenarios by selecting individual genes or morph names!

If you are new to the world of reptile keeping, RepTool features a caresheet for your reptiles, so that you can be sure your new pet(s) are happy and healthy. Are you a breeder that is looking to get their name known? RepTool accepts user submitted pictures and descriptions that will be sure to provide a citation to your website!

RepTool is currently in Early Access, and at the moment it supports Corn Snakes, Reticulated Pythons, Leopard Geckos, Red Tail Boas and a Beta for Ball Pythons.



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