Happy Helix Ball

開発: 丹 苏

  • 価格:0JPY
  • バージョン:1.1
  • 2018-06-09リリース


*The fingertip spirals in a spiral, instantaneously, breaks the barrier, rushes to the end, the pressure is released, and enjoys the pleasure of collapse.
*Visual impact, manipulating the ball, rotating the pinnacle of life.
* Competing with friends, family, and classmates, “close distance” feels the gap between you and others.
*Multi-colored balls, multi-colored stones, multi-colored background, quickly an exciting battlefield.
*A game that is suitable for fragmentation time allows you to crowd subways, take buses, and join parties without being so boring.
*The dynamic ball can't stop at all, not downloading, what are you waiting for?
*PS: Pure game without any promotional ads
* Free to play, play it anywhere anytime,NO ADS,NO ADS,NO ADS