Water Time-Daily Reminder

開発: lei wang

  • 価格:120JPY
  • バージョン:1.2
  • 2018-04-05リリース


[Water Time, in history, "the most cute" to remind the software to drink! ]

Professional drink to remind, professional recorder, private custom, to give you the best experience

= Special bright spot =
* [Cute interface] cute interface design, integration of the current cartoon style, the most cute to remind water ~
* [Professional records] professional record of daily drinking water, so that your health worries ~
* [Private] custom exclusive men and women, so you happy to use ~
* [Multinational adaptation] Multi-language support: Simplified Chinese, English
* [Iphone & Ipad] multi-platform adaptation: optimized for different screen sizes

"Stone Brother" independent produced, if you like, do not forget to give me a score and comment Oh ~ :)

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