Mammal Mapper

開発: Natural Apptitude

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  • 2018-05-29リリース


Little is still known of the distribution and population trends of most mammals. This free app, created by The Mammal Society, can be used to help address this problem.

Mammal Mapper allows you to record sightings of mammals (or their field signs) along a walked or cycled route in the UK. The app records your route and its duration along with the number and location of animals seen. The app also allows you to collect other valuable information such as how far away and where the animal was in relation to your position. It also allows you to upload images of your sightings, where these are possible.

All terrestrial mammals, except bats, can be recorded and users can set filters if they wish to focus on a sub-set of species that are of particular interest e.g. hedgehog or brown hare. Importantly, the app allows the absence of species to be inferred: this information is critical to the calculation of animal densities and will contribute directly to conservation action.

Mammal Mapper is a sister app to Mammal Tracker, which is designed to record ad-hoc sightings.