開発: xiazailiang diyi

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  • バージョン:1.0
  • 2017-11-03リリース


Game features:
[Unlimited hang up]
The liberation of his hands, all the time not to upgrade, brush a copy, liao up angel, this day is simply beautiful!

Business temple
Exclusive magnificent temple, the power of transmission of light, save the fallen angels, let her bow down at the feet of the emperor!

Holy Grail War
Millennium dispute, only for this supreme holy grail, war song has been ringing, no way back! glory! Let me full of strength!

【Angel Help
Dao Meng luo Li, the strength of interpretation of violent aesthetics! Hundred angels, with heart! Together to create the most strong surface of the clan!

[Cool ride]
Self-cultivation, to accompany you to fight, battles on the mainland fun, heaven and earth you soar

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