SportDex - 2018 Soccer App

開発: SportDex Inc.

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  • バージョン:3.1.0
  • 2017-11-17リリース


Are you too busy to watch a full game? Do you want to share a fantastic clip with your friends but can't find it?

SportDex, a short video platform to help you chat about sports with your friends.

>> Short Video Live
At SportDex, you can find and create short videos about the game at near real time. No boring passing, no full 2-hour game. You can selectively watch the best video clips now!

>> Circles Around You
You can find nearby circles to chat about sports together. It can be your school, your friends or your nearby acquaintances. You can always reference a clip to chat about. Everyone in the circle knows what you're referring to.

>> Spoiler Mode
Even if you're too busy and already miss the game, it's all right! You can turn off the spoiler mode to hide the scores. You can revisit all exciting moments of the game in chronological order. Watch and chat at the same time.

SportDex, all your friends are here chatting about sports. Join us and enjoy the best part of the game!