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Get cashback rewards wherever you go – all while you dine, shop, get beauty treatments or even when you sweat in the gym. No more reading through complicated details of coupon codes or discounts. With Cashbac, you will automatically earn instant cashback by making a transaction in one of our affiliated merchants.


1. Link Your Credit Card or Debit Card or E-Wallet* – To enable Cashbac for transaction, add at least one of your credit cards or debit cards or e-wallet on Cashbac app. Cashbac takes security very seriously, and implements Secure 3D Process to protect all your card details during the linking process.

2. Find Cashback Promos Around You – Cashbac automatically provides the best recommendations of restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, beauty clinics, and even karaoke places with cashback promos based on your interests and locations.

3. Get Instant Cashback – To make a transaction, just tap your mobile phone on our beacon device or scan the QR code printed on the bill. Get instant cashback that you can directly use for your next purchase!

*Debit Card from Jenius by BTPN, Digibank by DBS, Permata Bank, Mandiri E-cash, and Commonwealth Bank


1. Instant Cashback – Instead of making you wait to receive your reward, Cashbac instantly gives you your cashback when you make the transaction so you can use it for your next purchase.

2. No Expiry of Cashback – As long as your account is active, your cashback rewards can always be used and the promos do not expire so you can keep shopping and earning rewards no matter what time of the year.

3. No Need to Top-up – Save yourself from the hassle and waiting in topping up your balance. With Cashbac, you can simply link your current debit card or credit card and immediately earn cashback rewards.

4. Earn Rewards at Your Favorite Merchants – From restaurants, coffee shops, beauty clinics, gyms, to family karaoke and even gyms, Cashbac has partnered with over 1.000 merchants and 20.000 outlets and still counting.


Use Cashbac at your favorite popular merchants, such as:

- Restaurant (McDonald’s, D’Cost, etc)
- Grocery (Alfamart, FamilyMart)
- Cafe & Drink (Gulu Gulu, Hop Hop, etc)
- Health & Beauty (Anna Wijaya Salon, Barberbox, Core Studio, etc)
- Snack & Dessert (Pezzo, Ezo Cheesecakes & Bakery, etc)
- Luxury Dining (WAKI, Enmaru, etc)
- Shop (Gramedia, Gallery Smartfren)
- Entertainment (Masterpiece Signature Family Karaoke, etc)
- And many more

The latest cashback promos and new merchants will automatically be added to Cashbac.


1. Your credit card or debit card details are not stored in your phone or in the system. We adhere to the PCI DSS Compliant rules (international standards for handling credit card data) and we NEVER store your credit card number or CVV number into the system.

2. Your credit card data is NEVER sent or shared to the merchants or outlets where you make a transaction.

3. Transactions with Cashbac requires PIN only known by you and your PIN is always asked before you make a transaction.


Spread the word about Cashbac and our benefits with your friends and get Rp 50.000 for each person who uses your referral code to download, link their card, and use the app.

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