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How would you like to get some cashback rewards for all of your dining and shopping experiences? Without coupons, vouchers, or complicated discount code. With Cashbac, you will automatically earn instant cashback by making a transaction in one of our affiliated merchants or dine at one of our restaurant partners. Cashbac is a very simple application that can be used by anyone.


1. Link Your Credit Card or Debit Card* – In order to enable you to use Cashbac app for transaction, add at least one of your credit card or debit card on Cashbac app. We are implementing Secure 3D process to protect your credit card, so security will be guaranteed.

2. Find Cashback – Our system will automatically provide the best recommendation based on your interest and location. You will easily find restaurants or merchants with the best cash back offer near you, so you don’t have to look at the complicated promotion catalog.

3. Get Instant Cashback – While transacting, place your mobile phone close to our beacon device or scan the QR code printed on the bill. Get instant cashback that you can directly use to get a discount on your next purchase at our restaurant partners or merchants!

*Debit Card with Visa or Mastercard logo


1. Instant Cashback – Unlike other offers that require you to wait for a certain period to use the cashback, with Cashbac app, you will receive the cashback instantly, you will automatically get the cashback when you are doing the transaction and can be used for your next purchase to enjoy a cheaper price.

2. Cashback is active forever – The cashback that you get has no expiry date as long as your account is active

3. Security is assured – Cashbac app is very safe because it requires your PIN whenever you are making a transaction

4. Favorite merchants and restaurants – Many options for you, because we have partnered up with many well-known restaurants and popular merchants.


Our current favorite partners:

- Wee Nam Kee (Chinese Restaurant)
- Donburi Ichiya (Japanese Food)
- MAM (BBQ Food)
- And many more

The latest cashback promo will automatically add to our Cashbac Application. Our partner network (restaurant and merchant) is currently only available in Jakarta and surrounding areas.


Why is Cashbac app safe?

1. Your credit card or debit card details are not stored on your phone. So it is secure to put all your card information to your Cashbac app. We adhere to the PCI DSS Compliant rules (international standards for handling credit card data). We NEVER store your credit card number or CVV number into the system.

2. Your credit card data is NEVER sent or shared to the restaurant or store where you make a transaction.

3. Unlike other conventional credit cards that can be easily used by anyone, Cashbac app requires PIN only known by you, and PIN is always asked before you make a transaction.

Whatever you need, you can now make savings in every shopping transaction at the store or eat at a restaurant and earn extra cashback every time you refer others. Download and start enjoying the many benefits of the Cashbac app right now!

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