Versatility remote control

開発: Calvert Hume

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  • 2017-10-02リリース


Versatility remote control app can easily put your iPhone, ipad into a super universal remote control.
TV, cable TV set-top box, DVD, audio amplifier, can be through the iPhone, iPad on the universal remote control app easy control!
  I. Super remote control: Click the TV program name Remote control TV to play this program - Pocket TV program: the world's most powerful remote control: remote control TV, set-top boxes, air conditioners, projectors and other 14 kinds of home appliances; Comprehensive, most accurate week TV show
  II. Intelligent universal remote control: - 14 categories of home appliances remote control: support with mobile phone remote control TV, set-top boxes, air conditioners, projectors, fans, Internet boxes, sweeping machines, cameras, DVD, satellite TV, smart lights, And other 14 kinds of home appliances equipment; - 5885 equipment brand support: support the use of mobile phone remote control air-conditioning, Haier air conditioning, Daikin air conditioning, with the state set-top boxes, Skyworth TV and other well-known equipment brands.

Note: You need to connect an infrared remote control.



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