Fantasy hook

開発: dashenwanjia zuiai

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  • バージョン:1.0.1
  • 2017-08-25リリース


The innovative place strategy card Mobile Games epic blockbuster hits!
Imagine the city beyond the maze adventure across the endless time, fairy tale scuffle, familiar with the characters in different stories for you at any time to detonate!
Archangel Michael vs Donghuang Taiyi, Erlang Zhenjun bucket fall Lucifer, give you a hitherto unknown passion experience.
Do not charge money to the guards, the arena Budokai in the victory of the world! What are you waiting for? To call your partner!
= = hundreds of angels, your orders = =
Q adorable angels report to you with artifact! Small hand shake, sister in hand! Oh, no, it's artifact!
= = offline easy to upgrade = =
Lazy essential, infinite hang up, wait for artifact, lying full level! It's a must-have for home travel!
= = = = Yubabuneng innovative gameplay
Innovative Temple gameplay, whether it is adorable Meng elves or sexy angel, will worship at your feet Oh ~!
= = every day, gift, second, tyrant = =
Diamond, gold coin, material... Enough! Smoked ten times a day! Take your hands off!
Come and join hands now - angel!
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