晴 - アマチュア天文家のツール集

開発: Tengu Software

  • 価格:120JPY
  • バージョン:1.7.6
  • 2018-01-09リリース


Haru App is a must-have utility for pro and amateur astronomers. It includes detailed weather information for plan observations and other cool features.

7Timer! is an important part of the app. It provides weather information that is related to astronomy. The forecast range is 3 days and include informations about cloud cover, astronomical seeing and atmospheric transparency, etc.

This app currently forcus on:

- 7Timer! weather forecast
- Weather images for East Asia area
- Weather images for U.S.
- SOHO Viewer
- Make and share GIF animation for solar images and weather images
- Share GIF animations as video
- "Sun Position" Today Widget
- "Lunar Phase" Today Widget
(Note: Make GIF need to download a certain amount of pictures. If you are under cellular network, or charged by data usage, you may consider make GIF later.)

More features and handy funcionalities for amateur astronomers are coming, stay tuned.

Haru for macOS is now available:

* Japanese version coming soon.

* Acknowledges to Shanghai Astronomy Observatory for providing the 7Timer! API (, and CWB and NOAA for weather images (,, SOHO project ( for solar images.

** Haru(晴、はる) means clear day in Japanese.



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