Dragon of Throne


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  • バージョン:1.0.8
  • 2018-09-29リリース


Dragon of Throne is a medieval epic fantasy 3D ARPG game.

The story is set in an illusory medieval world. The Kings clash over, bringing about great chaos. The hero returns, wearing armor, breaking open a way through bramble and thistle, fighting on the battlefield, and risking life through dangers desert, cold ice area, blazing lava, and flaming volcano. Go through the baptism of ice and fire, blood and glory, and finally achieve hegemony throne.

You can experience cool occupation, god wings, combo attacks, unimaginable visual and tactile feeling. More refreshing operation, more exciting experience of fighting, and stronger crackdown handle.

Feature 1:Strong feeling of crackdown
In order to make the player more real feel the fighting pleasure, the game has set a full range of movements(combo hit, dodge, jump, cleave, etc), let the player feel its hardness. Immerse in the illusion of breaking phone, try to know.

Feature 2:Large exquisite 3D view
Cinematic wide-angle len scenes, visual effects make you really feel the broad vision of 3D.

Feature 3:Bloodthirsty combo bat
Blood-sprayed battle scene, the original bloodthirsty combo pattern, makes the character's general skills amazing. Once the battle starts, it will make you feel that you can't stop at all.

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