BLE Smart - Bluetooth Scanner

開発: Deryck Anderson

  • 価格:240JPY
  • バージョン:1.2
  • 2017-06-29リリース


BLE Smart is all about helping you to easily scan and inspect your Bluetooth Low Energy devices. For the beginner it’s an intuitive and easy to use app, yet it comes with features that the professional will appreciate.

The Swiss Army Knife of Bluetooth Scanners, BLE Smart is the perfect tool to carry on your phone as a part of your development kit. Technology enthusiasts, developers, or anyone with an interest in their nearby Bluetooth LE devices will love it!

* Scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices. A highly polished Bluetooth scanner that’s easy to use.

* Discover and instantly display all your nearby devices and their details. Choose to either view by all devices, just your favourites, or you can refine your search.

* Connect to the Peripheral devices that allow it.

* Browse the broadcast device information.

* Explore the GATT Services, GATT Characteristics and their field values.

* Locate your lost transmitting device. As long as your device still has some battery life and was turned on when you lost it. The odds are pretty good that you will still be able to find it. Use the RSSI readout to see when your nearby.

* Event Logging. Everyone wants better logging. Now you can! Easily create and share diagnostic logs.

* Library has built in articles relating to Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Stack, Bluetooth Protocols, list of Bluetooth Profiles.

Call to arms! Can’t find the feature that you would like?
Simply use the apps built-in feedback feature located on the Configure Screen to request it.
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