Pastry Lovers

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[About the Game]
Ordinary girls could work their way up to be a famous baker in the game. You will have friends, experience love and gradually find out the mystery of your life. There are four different story lines and five handsome heroes in the game. Want to be a royal baker? Have your own bakery shop? Travel around the world and enjoy fine food? Or want to be a good flower seller?

Game maker: Chengguang word game maker
Authorized:Chengguang game center
Author:Shi Xiaonan
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Player comments:

Last night, I finally finished the game. I was happy but a little sad as well. Because the game has accompanied me for a long time, I also have many good memories in it. Somehow I felt sorry that I had not found the game earlier, and saw it became complete.
Today I am going back to school, and I want to make a good comment on the game before I leave.

[Duanmucheng] Journey

He was a gentle boy. It was afternoon in a lakeside when I met him for the first time. He was talking with the girl by his side. Although they argued with each other, they were so close. I thought they were lovers.
In the evening the breeze blew around the lake. I quietly strolled, and heard a man sigh. He was sad. I did not want to disturb him. As he went slowly back to God, he smiled and seemed to say sorry. I saw a unique male mature and gentle in him, which attracted me to know him and approach him.

It was time to take exams in the St. Peters College. I met him again outside the classroom and knew that he was the supervisor. I was nervous.When I saw him smile and knew that he would accompany me to take the examination. Then I was not anxious at all. That time, I got my best score. but I was not sure if I would get S-level score. After returning home in a few days, I received the college transcripts, opened it, and I saw "S". I was so excited with tears in my eyes.Because St. Peters College is my dream. And now I am going to the college with excellent performance. In the future, I can achieve my dream step by step. But I do not know Duanmu has asked the principal to give me the “S”.If I knew this gentle,refined and knowledgeable man has encouraged me like this, I would like him earlier.

At the beginning, I have encountered many difficulties. Rich children created difficulties, pastry skills was difficult and my classmates were indifferent to me. All of this have made me find it is difficult to survive in the college. When I was about to give up, it was Duanmu who called me to his room. He encouraged me with a cup of coffee, warmed me and supported me to continue to practice pastry skills. I found I am gradually accustomed to rely on him. It was the secret that I never said.

Time flies and I have spent several years in St. Peters College. I am growing to love Duanmu deeply and firmly. At this time I gradually become more mature, not the ignorant girl when I went here in the first time.And I am clear what I really want. So in the fourth semester when I need to be an intern, I choose to follow Duanmu to continue my the study abroad. I know it is forbidden that teachers and students are in love, but I am willing to wait for him. Even to wait for a few years, I do not care, just let me be his side, just let me feel his gentle every day.So I will be very happy.

Finally I am with Duanmu forever. In my eyes he will always be as gentle as the man when I met him first.

PS:Thank you for the good and kind game, Shi Xiaonan, thanks.

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