超级手机管家-手机管理清理大师 for iPhone

開発: Peter Zhou

  • 価格:0JPY
  • バージョン:1.0
  • 2017-03-14リリース


Easy to use mobile assistant!
Put an end to false propaganda! Give you the most practical function!
For the global sale, simple, easy to use! Full-featured!
Accurate information display let you manage easily!
【Special feature】
1. Photo cleanup: a key to clear duplicate photos, give the phone more free space.
2. Space management, easy management of space, a key to view the video, music, photos, and so on other storage usage.
3. Charge monitoring: the most easy to use, the most gorgeous full cycle of charging software, more importantly, completely free!
4. Battery usage: accurate estimate of the battery available time to go out do not have to worry about power shortage!
5. System information: accurate system information display, easy to understand the system running!
6. weather remind: accurate to tell you today's weather conditions, haze situation!



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