Yasuhati Full Version

開発: Pengxiang Huang

  • 価格:120JPY
  • バージョン:1.0.1
  • 2017-03-10リリース


Have you seen the video, that's what you want!
No ads version!
Yasuhati Full version(不要停下来,八分音符酱)is a small game to play cuddly resistance.Picked up the phone and compete with ur friends quickly~
The most popular addictive 2D action game in Japan and main social networking platforms,Yasuhati Full version(不要停下来,八分音符酱), eventually, lands on IOS platform!
----How To Play ----
Cute eight note starts his magical adventure in the world of black and white pixels!
In the game, game players control the eighth note to overcome the obstacles with voice.
Except for the retry and revive button, players do not need any touch operation! Very simple to play!
----Funny Game----
Please note the sound production and breathe dynamics! Game players can control eighth note to jump over an obstacle or a cliff by shouting, screaming and even groaning in different degrees.
During the game, there will be a variety of obstacles and the situations, please concentrate all your energy to help the eighth note complete his challenge!
----Attention ----
Don't play the game in the midnight or in someone’s company, or it may cause unnecessary misunderstanding! Seriously!
Don't Stop! Eighth Note, an amazing game. If you miss it, that’s a pity!




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