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  • バージョン:1.0
  • 2017-03-08リリース


The Jaguar I-PACE augmented reality app allows you to explore Jaguar's first ever electric car.

To activate the app you must also have a print out of the I-PACE marker card. If you don’t have one of these you can get one here:

Download card (

Simply place the marker card on a flat surface and allow the camera on your mobile device to focus on the Jaguar logo to activate. You can move your device further back from the marker card once it has activated; you must always keep it within the frame of your picture.

You can rotate the vehicle by simply spinning it around and also change the angle at which you are viewing it.

By clicking the option ‘ENABLE HOTSPOTS’ from the slide out menu you will be able to access more detailed information on the specific technology of this vehicle. Simply click one of the HOTSPOTS to release a short animation. By clicking the ‘I’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner you will reveal more detailed information. The ‘x’ will close the page and return you to the interactive I-PACE.

By clicking the option ‘TEST DRIVE’ from the slide out menu you can practice your skills at driving the I-PACE wherever you are. Once the vehicle has risen from its capsule simply use the controls visible at the bottom of your screen. Positioning your device closer to the marker card and creating more of an angle you can drive the I-PACE further away from you.

To reset the scene, simply click the ‘reset icon’ in the top left corner of your screen at any point.



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