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Learning fruits and vegetables for kids in free child games! Shapes and colors for toddlers games are the best apps for kids and kindergarten learning games!

Free learning games for kids consists of 15 various kindergarten learning games for your children. Funny Food 2 addresses various topics such as: geometric figures, colors for babies, logic, sizes etc. It also has puzzle games free! Funny Food has endless possibilities to keep your children busy with very useful and educational apps for toddlers!


• PUZZLES - sort out the jumbled funny foods (Fun puzzles for toddlers free for creative thinking and imagination);
• ANGLES, PARTS & WHOLES - cook and slice pizza and then feed cute characters (Child games 10 year below, that teaches a concept of fractions);
• FIND & TAP - sort foods into their appropriate plastic bags (Fun game, that develops attention in games for babies);
• HIDE & SEEK - find the rascals and count them (This educational game helps learn to count from 1 to 5. Develops attention and fine motor skills);
• SHAPES - water the magical garden, grow vegetables, then harvest and count them (Shapes and colors for toddlers games);
• SIZES - sort food by size and load them to the helicopter (Educational game which introduces a concept of sorting by size);
• LOGIC - find a pattern and arrange foods correctly in the tractor's trailer (Logic game, that makes acquaintance with a concept of consistency and continuity);
• SORTING - sort all foods from the conveyor belt into different pick up trucks (Fun free child games 10 year below, that develops attention);
• MATCHING - find all the matching pairs (Games for babies and kids, that develops memory and attention);
• UNITS & PARTS - slice the foods by tracing the lines and cook various dishes (Child games 10 year below, that teaches a concept of fractions);
• CREATIVITY - dress foods in fancy clothing (This game develops fine motor skills, creativity and imagination);
• SHAPES & COLORS - prepare cookies that differ in color and shape (Educational games for kids, that introduces to geometric shapes and color games for kids);
• COUNTING from 1 to 5 - feed animals with the right amount of food (A kind of math games for kids that help learn counting with games for girls and boys);
• COMPARISON - use the scale to weigh the right amount of food ((Baby learning games that introduces concepts of "greater or less then", counting for toddlers and arithmetic for kids);
• COLORS - wash fruits and vegetables under the shower and sort them by color (Educational game to learn colors for toddlers).
• 15 educational learning games in English;
• English voice acting;
• Wonderful background music;
• Numerous different learning games for toddlers;
• Basic skills: logic, attention, memory and thinking, learn color and shapes;
• Various puzzle games free!
• Simple interface for preschoolers from 3 and up;
• Free games for girls and games for boys;
• Fun sound effects and graphics for children from 2 to 5 years old
• Parental control;
• No internet games free;
• No ads games!

Playing “Funny Food 2” games for children will help your kids to become independent and creative thinkers!

About MAGE:
This learning app has been created by MAGE, a software company which develops fun educational games for kids and interactive learning games for kids.
With our educational games for kids children learn the alphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. The free baby games help kids to develop memory, attention and speech as well as fine motor skills and other basic skills. Children are exposed to writing and counting through playing puzzle games free and simple math games. Our learning games for girls and boys contain no third party ads and comply with the standards of “Designed For Family”.



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