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Hear the pleasure, Audio clips.

There are various channel contents, such as lectures, language studies, web novels, fairy tales, etc.,
and audio books read by voice actors, authors, and celebrities.
ASMR gives you relaxing breaks as well.
Enjoy special audio contents for you.
If you want to learn Korean or 한국, there are many korean audios in the Audioclip.

* Enjoy your spare time.
Audio dramas during commute time, knowledge lectures in preparing dinner, and foreign language conversations for 10 minutes on the subway! Meet contents on audio clips that fill your day with pleasure.

* Listen with your whole family.
Language studies, fairy tales, and foreign language fairy tales contents for children. Parenting, health, and current affairs contents for parents. Enjoy audio clips with the whole family.

* Audio Books, get much experience beyond the books.
If you don't have enough time to read, listen to audio books. A new experience begins to read books more vividly, including long-loved literary works, best-selling novels, and suspenseful mystery novels.

* Enjoy your break with the special ASMR on audio clips.
The ASMR sounds of audio clips are accompanied when you need stability and healing at sleepless night. Audio clips provide all the relaxing and pleasant sounds of the world, including the sound of nature that gives healing in the urban center, and white noise that helps to concentrate. When you need to sleep or study, play ASMR, BGM, classic, tingle sounds, satisfying sounds in Audioclip.

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