Roller Coaster Creations for Planet Coaster (PC)

開発: Chi Kau Wan

  • 価格:240JPY
  • バージョン:1.0.0
  • 2016-12-20リリース


This is an unofficial Roller Coaster Creations for 【Planet Coaster】.
Sick of looking for Planet Coaster Creations everywhere, but ends up wasting time and money to backup the game, download and install those boring coasters? Search no more!

This app contains Roller Coaster Creations of 【Planet Coaster】, and all the creations can be downloaded from our server without further charge or periodic subscription. With the creations’ screenshots, demonstration videos and descriptions, you will be able to find out whether the time and money needed is worth to backup the game, download and install the creations.

The game is available to purchase in Steam (

This App collected 30+ interesting Coasters of the game. When we discover other interesting Mods, we will continue to update the app.

Please note that this is NOT the game 【Planet Coaster】 itself, NOR containing official Planet Coaster information. All trademark and copyright belongs to Frontier Developments. This App only provides you interesting creations and their information for the game, so that you can enjoy the game even more. All characters, locations, images and video game content, are copyright of their respective owners, using this app is only within the scope of fair use guidelines.




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