彩云小译 - 边说边译的同声翻译软件 支持中英文

開発: Beijing ColorfulClouds Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 2017-01-04リリース


LingoCloud is a simultaneous translation app which currently translates between Chinese and English.

LingoCloud provides accurate and almost instant translation. In contrast to other tools which translate word for word, it thrives when it’s given a phrase or a context since it focuses on conveying the correct meaning of what you say.

LingoCloud is a very new app which is constantly being improved and updated. If you want to provide feedback or report any bugs, please contact us at

Key Features:

1.Situational Translation
Plucking-in your headphones activates the Simultaneous mode; LingoCloud detects and continuously translates everything you say even if it’s still translating something said before. It is as if you have a language buddy with you at all times!

2. Seamless Voice Recognition
English and Chinese at the same time? LingoCloud automatically detects the language in use and enables the user to switch freely between Chinese and English without changing any settings.

LingoCloud offers real-time Translation with a response time of less than 0.2 seconds.

4. Voice Input & Output
LingoCloud can receive and reproduce very long speeches. So just speak as long as you can and LingoCloud will provide the translation!No need for dictionaries or the Internet to decide which Chinese word to use in different situations or context. LingoCloud excels in convening the meaning of long sentences and can teach you the right way of saying that new Chinese phrase you’ve been learning!

5. Text Input & Output
The days of pressing buttons are long gone but if you prefer to type then we still have you covered.

Our goal is to make communication between different language speakers smoother. If you are traveling, studying or working in China then LingoCloud could be the App for you! We are currently dealing with is reducing the battery consumption of the app.If you want to provide feedback or report any bugs, please contact us at

LingoCloud is the second AI app provided by the C-Clouds Tech Team.




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