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The ReachMyGoals app is no longer being supported. We encourage you to download the BEST Suite which contains a cloud-based version of ReachMyGoals as well as PaceMyDay and the all new StrategizeMyLife app. The three apps are integrated together in the suite so that data can be shared between them which greatly improves the user experience. Check out the BEST Suite app in the App Store by tapping on the link in the "More by Brain Education Strategies and Technology" section below.


Setting goals can be an overwhelming and difficult task. Do you have a hard time:

- Coming up with goals?
- Writing out your goals?
- Identifying important tasks for goals?
- Monitoring your progress on goals?
- Identifying goal-related successes and challenges?

ReachMyGoals App Description

Goal setting is very difficult for many individuals with cognitive challenges. It is not only difficult to come up with goals, but also to break them down into manageable chunks. The ReachMyGoals app is designed to assist users in developing SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) goals by providing three levels of assistance:

- Use a Goal Template - This option provides the opportunity to select a relevant goal template, complete with a sample goal description and individual goal-related tasks. The template information is transferred into the My Goals tab and can be edited accordingly.

- Use Step-by-Step Guide - This option walks you through a Goal Setup Wizard (questions for each aspect of a SMART goal) in order to help develop a clearly written and well thought-out goal.

- Manually Enter Goal - This option allows you to simply enter information related to your SMART goal without providing specific assistance.

The purpose of the ReachMyGoals app is to help users establish SMART goals and to incorporate principles of self-regulation to assist them in monitoring their progress and identifying goal-related successes and challenges.

App Features:

- Goal templates to get you started with a sample goal and sample tasks
- Step-by-Step Guide to walk you through the steps of setting your own SMART goals
- List of upcoming tasks for either the next 3 days or 5 days to help you focus on what needs to get done
- List of completed goals
- Weekly Check-In that can be scheduled to help you reflect and journal your goal-related successes and challenges
- Customizable Goal Categories and the ability to assign colors to your defined categories
- Successes Journal
- Challenges Journal
- Reports identifying each SMART goal, ongoing tasks, completed tasks, successes, and challenges
- Email journals or reports to others