開発: Andrew Parker

  • 価格:360JPY
  • バージョン:1.01
  • 2017-03-08リリース


London's CCTV now offers full VIDEO feeds for all 845 traffic cameras in the capital.

With this app you can view all cameras video, TFL provides a 9-second loop updated regularly, so you can see the true traffic conditions.

> Video feed from Transport for London
> Favourites can be saved for easy access
> Cameras listed in postcode order
> Search function allows cameras to be found using any part of name or postcode.
> Map shows location of current camera (blue cam icon)
> All others cameras are displayed in red on the map and can be tapped on for immediate access
>User has option to revert to still images instead of video if preferred
> Cam list can be hidden to increase size of map
> Next/Previous buttons for fast camera browsing

Please note, sometimes cameras are in use by TFL, when this happens, the video feed is replaced by a notice. The developer has no control over this and it is not a failure of the app when this occurs.



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