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Please update to the latest version to enjoy the best game experience. Wish you can enjoy it.Thanks.
DungeonLife3 is a classic game produced by Haryulab,which would be continued maintaining and completing.

Console game.
Off-line game.
No-ADV game.

Once you download, you can get the complete game and play without network(No extra purchase).

In the initial version there are 9 different races and 9 different careers, up to 81 combinations
and variant senior careers. With rune spells and talents, there are abundant combination to play.
30 species of enemies were existed in the initial version,which has individual features.
Appropriately use your skills and items will make you live further.
Be careful of high speed and attack enemy to snap you.

Initial Races:
HUMAN : High mana and speed growth,learn faster to get 10% extra experience.
ORC : High health and attack growth,pure power to get 10% extra critical chance.
ELF : High speed and attack growth,agile body to get 10% extra avoid chance.
DRAWF : High health and defense growth, greedy to get 10% extra gold.
UNDEAD : High mana and defense growth,get 5% extra critical and avoid chance.
WERWOLF : High attack and defense growth, get 10% HP steal by damage.
GNOME : Highest mana growth, 20% chance to shrink enemy(-20% all ability).
GOBLIN : Highest speed growth, + 5 gold each stage.
ROBOT : Highest defense growth, - 50% spell damage.

Initial Careers:
FIGHTER : Excellent in health and defense, hard to be snapped,but fight slowly.
MAGE: Excellent in mana power, can damage enemy without defense reduce.
PREIST: Excellent in mana,can cure himself and burn enemy's magic.
ARCHER: Excellent in attack,hight critical chance can snap enemy.
THIEF: Excellent in attack and speed,usually to attack first and trigger extra attack.
ALCHEMIST : Excellent in health, powerful skills auto enhanced with enemy's growth.

1.Adventurer Union is opened, in which you can check your adventurer rank and abilities level. Improve rank and level can increase hero's initial abilities.
2. Mystery shop is opened, in which you can buy varies of spells with mana crystals.
(Mana crystals can be found in dungeon).The Rank higher,the more powerful spell could be bought.
3.Rune system is opened, you can equip rune spells which you bought.
4.Talent system is open, you can get one talent slot each rank.
5.Easy mode and hard mode is opened, the more difficult ,the more exp and mana crystals you can get.
6.Arena is opened when you get rank SSS, in wihch enemies are all boss level powerful.

If you have any question or suggestion,welcome to visit our website at , or send email to
We will feedback as soon as possible, your suggestion is the greatest impetus for us.

Sincerely wish you enjoy this!




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