Snatch - AR Treasure Hunt


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  • バージョン:2.0.4
  • 2016-11-19リリース


Discover Snatch, the free to play augmented reality (AR) treasure hunt. Start Snatching real prizes from the world’s top brands. Over £50 million worth of parcels are waiting to be won. But watch out; other players are ready to Snatch what’s yours.

Sound like Pokémon Go? Not quite: Real life prizes including holidays, clothes, cold hard cash and more are all waiting to be discovered.

Snatch. Life’s for the taking.


COLLECT parcels using augmented reality (AR) technology, then hold onto them for six hours to reveal your prize.

SNATCH from other players around you, or deploy a special Gadget to take your Snatching to the next level.

DEFEND your parcels with one of a number of defensive Gadgets - take cover with a Hideout or Skedaddle your way out of the chaos.

CLAIM YOUR PRIZE after you secure a parcel, just click redeem and follow the instructions.

CONNECT with your Facebook account to play with friends.

LEVEL UP and rise through the ranks to be the very best, gaining access to exclusive features on your way.

TAILOR YOUR AVATAR and build your own in-app identity, with your own choice of mouth, eyes, skin and more.



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