Time – Beat Procrastination with AI

開発: Blue Cocoa, Inc.

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  • バージョン:1.1.3
  • 2017-01-02リリース


"Time is looking like my next go-to productivity tool . . . Time nails its goals and looks good while doing it." –MacStories

"Time is more focused on helping you accomplish your goals rather than just checking something off a list or logging your activities . . . Despite its work-centric focus, Time – remarkably – was built by teenagers." –TechCrunch

#1 Productivity App, Netherlands.
#2 Overall App, Netherlands.
#1 Productivity App, Canada.
#1 Productivity App, New Zealand.
#2 Productivity App, USA.

Finally beat procrastination and start your New Year right with Time! Add your tasks and start one. The timer counts down and keeps you focused on one thing at a time.

Time has an effective design that lets you easily manage your daily tasks. Tap a task to start it. As time goes down, the task will change from green to yellow to red. While working, glance at the color to know how you're doing!

If you need to adjust the allotted time of a task while working, simply drag! Moving your finger up will add time, and moving it down will remove time. Pull your finger all the way to the bottom to complete your task.

When your task finishes, you'll get a helpful notification. And to keep you accountable, the timer will begin counting up once you've gone over time.

Time uses artificial intelligence to study your habits. As you complete tasks over and over again, the app will start giving you productivity suggestions!

You can view daily statistics about your work, including time saved, time added, and time worked. These handy metrics are presented as digestible graphs, allowing you to easily analyze your own habits.

Based on tasks that you've already finished, Time will automatically suggest tasks for you as you type. Additionally, you can view all your completed tasks as a list.

Full list of features:
• Unique wave design keeps you focused on one task at a time
• Color-coding helps you easily know when your task will finish
• Simple gestures to add or remove time
• Overtime counter pushes you to finish when your time reaches zero
• Artificial intelligence gives you productivity suggestions, such as completing a specific task at a specific time of day
• Statistics screen allows you to see your daily trends
• Summary view helps you get a quick glance of your work
• Daily reminder ensures you never forget to use the app
• Endless loop in-app alarm and long out-of-app alarm help you avoid missing when your task finishes
• Notifications with quick actions
• Specifically designed to consume very little power and prolong battery life
• Task prediction suggests old tasks as you are typing
• Completed tasks screen organized by day
• Responsive customer service, just shoot us an email at




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