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iHuman Chinese — learn Chinese characters the fun way

After 3 years of research and development, and drawing from 20 years of experience, the team at iHuman have developed an app that provides a fun and active way to learn Chinese.

iHuman’s systematic learning system allows children aged 2-8 to effectively understand and remember Chinese characters.

2-4 years old — study single words through our play–recognize–practice–write learning process, cultivate interest in Chinese characters;

4-5 years old — situational learning, Chinese characters sorted by subject, emphasis on word formation;

6+ years old — increased learning pace, high word count per unit, efficient practice and testing, meets the needs of the age groups developing cognitive ability.

iHuman Chinese is a creative, fun, and interactive way to learn Chinese characters. Following a four-step learning path, play–recognize–practice–write, children can happily master characters one by one. Unobtrusive testing and regular review through spaced repetition ensure retention of characters.

Using the characters children have studied, we created original graded reading books that enhance the learning process. Content is regularly updated to ensure children do not lose their enthusiasm and motivation for studying Chinese. A genuinely entertaining and simple learning method, iHuman Chinese makes learners more confident and capable. Whether for fun or for school, join us and learn Chinese the fun way.

Comprehensive character list — Learn 1300 essential characters, covering the first grade of Chinese primary school. Whether for fun or for school, iHuman Chinese makes learners confident and capable.

Effective memorization — Using spaced repetition and multiple rounds of review, characters are learned efficiently and imprinted on the mind.

Advanced reading — 130 original graded reading books, designed specifically for children aged 3-6, use the characters that have been learned within the app. With regular updates, the iHuman Chinese graded reading books makes independent reading accessible and stress free.

Interactive teaching — An ingenious collection of 800+ interactive teaching tools helps ease the learning process for parents and children. Content covers a wide range of topics from daily life, geography, astronomy and more.

Tricky points explained — Learn the essence of Chinese characters. Trace the origins of a character and understand the components and radicals.

Systematic assessment — Complete assessments in order to progress through content and ensure learning is taking place. Track learning results and control the process with the advanced teaching system, the best way to see results.


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