mojipad: written planner+calendar

開発: Joonil Kim

  • 価格:360JPY
  • バージョン:3.5.0
  • 2016-07-13リリース


Sometimes "Meeup @ 2pm" is good enough than filling lots of variables. In mojipad, you can freely write and keep track of things as you would a paper planner. A more liberal format will provide more space for thought.

Select the date and scribble events freely.
The time you write in the title will automatically be the event time.
If you want to write an event place or a piece of preparation, write them on the following lines. It will be attached as a note of the event.
If you need advanced features such as Alert, Repeat, etc., press and hold the recorded event. The convenience of a digital planner is also provided.
Everything is synced with iOS Calendar or Reminder, so you can keep track of events on other devices.

Additional features only available in mojipad:
- Weekly agenda view
See all your weekly schedule ahead.
- Holiday Calendar mark
This will add a special mark on holidays.
- All tasks view (in app purchase)
See what's remains: overdue, today and someday tasks
- Someday task (In app purchase)
Any to-dos no specific time? put them to the someday and assign a date later.
- Enjoy mojipad with colors
Decorate calendars. Just like a paper planner with color pens and labels.



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  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング