mojipad - 文字カレンダー

開発: Joonil Kim

  • 価格:360JPY
  • バージョン:3.3.0
  • 2016-07-13リリース


mojipad is a re-interpretation of iOS Calendar. You can organize events with only text as you would in a paper notebook, or you can switch a calendar as you would a folder in a Note app.

Write down events as you always have on a paper notebook.

+ 7am - 8am WorkOut
+ 9am Car Repair
+ 12:30pm Lunch

And mojipad will take care of the details. Everything is synced with iOS Calendar in the background.

Slide up & down your screen. You will be able to access other features with a new way.

New way to organize events:
• Write down events and their details. mojipad will analyze(title, time, url and notes) and convert them to iOS Calendar events.
• Each date has its own color. Color code your important days.

Compatible with iOS and Google Calendars:
• Advanced calendar features such as reminders, repeats and event ranges.
• Everything is synced with iOS, iCloud and Google Calendar in the background.

New user experience:
• Weekly agenda - Swipe left the slide switch in the right center.
• Holiday display - Add your local Holiday Calendars in the Setting.
• All features work in a single view.
• Animations and haptic feedbacks are everywhere.
• Spring feeling effects



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  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング


  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング