Gourmet recipes - a recipe books

開発: Yuan Guo

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This is a new food application designed to advocate "food, is a kind of attitude to life.” Users can directly input dishes name, ingredients, to search, can also according to oneself be fond of, choose in varieties, ingredients, and flavors.
How to do better to eat, how to eat healthier, is our recipe has been the focus of attention. There are many practical cookbook approach and diet knowledge, more according to the season seasonal cooking of health diet. Interface is delicate, simple operation, is a favorite of soft sister swathes youth and kitchen.
Not content to just do a version, want to be able to do-it-yourself gourmet, then hurry to try it! There are as many as ten three kinds of different cuisines of food recipes, western dessert, absolute can in a short period of time will improve your cooking!



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