PadPics for Instagram - Free IG Photo & Videos Viewer for iPad

開発: Zhao Gang

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  • 1.5
  • バージョン:1.0.0
  • 2016-06-11リリース


## Want to browse your feeds in groups? Want to enjoy different themes and fonts? Want to filter a user without unfollowing him?PadPics will be your best choice. Not only portrait mode, PadPics also supports landscape mode, making everything look more brilliant! ##

Billions of people are using Instagram to post photos & videos every day. Instagram is great for capturing and sharing moments from your iPhone, but what about viewing those moments? We felt something was missing…
Therefor, PadPics is finally designed especially for large screens, an Instagram client for iPad. PadPics is fast, versatile and easy-to-use. Scroll through your feed like never before and experience Instagram in a new way. Explore and comment on moments from friends as well as discover and bookmark interesting content from around the world.

Apart from managing multiple Instagram accounts, PadPics allows you to browse photos in 4 amazing modes: default, card, album and map. You can also subscribe to the interesting people and hashtags and will receive notifications when there are new photos of the subscriptions. It's also easy to search by #hashtags and people.

Main Features:
- Explore interesting photos
• Browse photos in 4 wonderful modes : default, album, card and map
• Browse your feeds, your posts, photos you liked
• Check out photos around the world in a Map view
• Check where a photo was taken on the Map and photos nearby
• View full size photos in gallery mode, allowing users to easily swipe from one photo to another

- Explore feeds in Groups
• Arrange people you followed in different Groups
• Browse your feeds in Groups

- Subscription of interesting People & Hashtags

• Receive notifications when there are new photos of your subscriptions
• Preview of the latest photos of the subscriptions

- Enjoy different themes and fonts
• 1-tap to change theme and font of the app

- Powerful Search

• Search by username or hashtag

• Preview of the latest photos of the search in real time

- Support multiple accounts

• Just switch to a different user easily, without having to enter a password again.

- Protect your Instagram privacy

• Easily set passcode lock.

• Support touch id

- Vivid liking and commenting
• 1-tap to like photos

• Type any user's name in comments can immediately @ the user and start replying

• Tap on any comment to copy or delete it

• Tap the Like option to see all the Likers of that photo

- Check and promote profiles
• 1-tap to check out a user's photos, following's and followed-by info

• Follow or unfollow people

- Beautiful layout and blistering speed
• Support both landscape and portrait mode, just place your iPad in any orientation

- Hide people
• Easily hide a user or its posts without unfollowing him/her to keep your feeds less noisy.

Unfortunately the Instagram API doesn't support photo upload. But we have provided a quick link to launch the official Instagram iPhone app to take or upload photos. Just enjoy the new life PadPics brings to you and have fun on Instagram.

As we cannot reply to you within the App Store, you can reach us at and we'll respond to all messages promptly. We’ll keep improving this app until it’s perfect. Don’t hesitate to get back to us if you have any comments!

If you like the app please leave us a review on the App Store and share it to your friends. This really encourages us if so many people could love our app :)




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