Daily Sales Tracker Pro-Retail Invoicing Software

開発: yongwen hu

  • 価格:1600JPY
  • バージョン:2.0
  • 2016-05-17リリース


DailySalesPro - Simple and practical. Sales, purchasing, inventory management, and detailed statistical analysis.

For the majority of businessmen and self-employed sales management, purchasing management, warehouse management, production management, financial management, asset management tools.

Main features:

- Managing the purchase, return the purchase, sale, sale retreat; inventory, products, suppliers, customers, personal finance

- Custom Products (Product Category and Product subclasses), accounting category (parent classes and sub-categories), multiple accounts, custom product unit, model, etc.

- Each order corresponds to one or more product entries and automatically calculate the amount payable orders, the amount receivable

- iCloud data backup and synchronization.
- Password protection for all running account single gesture.
- Select different types exported CSV data, use Excel to open editable.

- Automatic statistical analysis, multi-account, multi-class, association members payee (payee, payers, suppliers, customers).
- Forget the billing? Also it may be recorded.

- Statistics daily, weekly, monthly, yearly inventory, costs, profits, sales

- Statistics for each product weekly, monthly, yearly inventory, costs, profits

- Weekly, monthly, yearly linear trend chart, pie chart statistics

- Know each supplier, customer transactions, payment status

- Quick Find to match all products, financial data

- Personal finance, not only can record expenses, income, it can also record untyped nobody knows for sure, to provide billing photographs, choose a date; clarity of the charts with monthly, yearly amount of flow management

- Select different types of data export, export Excel data via email



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