Car Mode - Complete Car Dashboard System & Sat Nav

開発: OviiSoft

  • 価格:480JPY
  • バージョン:2.0.4
  • 2016-06-09リリース



Turn your iPhone or iPad into a luxury car dashboard system with Car Mode

Car Mode turns your device into the most up to date and modern touch screen car dashboard system ever, and now in version 2.0, its just got even better!

Whether you have a big fancy touch screen car dashboard system, or a basic older style stereo with an aux/usb port/bluetooth. The first thing you want to do is connect your phone to it to have access to its music, maps, contacts and much more. Car Mode is the solution! Turn your phone into the dashboard system! Its so much better!

Easy access to contacts, make calls, write messages using your voice, play music from your device, listen to radio, find routes to your destinations using your favourite mapping apps and our own new turn by turn GPS navigation, have easy access to your other apps installed and much more without having to remove your phone from your dashboard dock.

- *NEW* Fully-Featured GPS Navigation System
- *NEW* Turn-By-Turn Directions
- *NEW* Road Speed Limit Awareness
- *NEW* Address and POI Search
- Beautiful Next-Generation User Interface
- Time, Date and Speedometer views.
- Built-in Simplified Apps
- Large Buttons
- Customisable Shortcuts To Your Favourite Apps
- Outdoor Temperate & Weather
- Type Messages Using Your Voice
- Switch Between KPH & MPH
- Easily Switch Between Your Favourite Map Apps.
- Large Dialer Pad
+ so much more!

PLEASE NOTE: Speedometer will not work on iPod's and iPads without Cellular.




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