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Using tons of job search apps? Afraid you are missing on jobs? Try jobmagnet!

Tracking jobs on many apps is a pain. We know it!

Jobs pop-up on tons of jobsites, the application process is complicated, you get many cr***y search results … it’s a mess and on top of that you always have the feeling that you’re missing out.

jobmagnet lets you search thousands of websites and job boards in a single app. A smart app, that is.

OK… tell me more!

We’ve got lots of jobs – you’ve got that, right! But also, our search engine is smart. No more scrolling through tons of garbage ….

And we make all the rest easy - this is where things get awesome for you. Applying with jobmagnet is a breeze:

Don't like a job? –Swipe left.
Like it? -Swipe right!

Whenever you have a moment – just swipe! Think of all the waiting: on the bus, in line, coffee break, or … any break, really …. :)

You could have literally applied 14 times while reading this sentence!

Is that all?

No, No, No!

We’re not done yet: The more you swipe, the smarter jobmagnet gets. After a while, it starts recommending you opportunities you never thought about!

Don’t have your CV on your mobile? Apply to all of the jobs that you fancy and email us your CV later - we’ll take care of the rest. Pretty neat, right?

Great! What about the cherry on top?

Well, jobmagnet is super fun too.

Why? Because it’s based on you. You are the most fun, smart, stylish and unique individual we know. Now let’s make your job search reflect exactly that.

That’s it. Now – let’s get to business.
Install now and happy swiping! :)



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