To avoid the white block-fun,game


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  • 2016-03-30リリース


The hone in life sometimes knock you down, want to go forward, perseverance, but still lacks that drive? Black and white rocks! Want to exercise a strong heart, want to persevere in the countless setbacks, so this is the most suitable for your game! Black and white is the most simple and pure, master the skills, one step at a time, a winner is king!
Game description:
Classic mode: accompanied by light music, their feet on the ground, with the fastest speed to the finish
Arcade mode: how many points you have the ability to have how many points, faster and faster, without any limitation, which is one of the most challenging pattern
Zen mode: see how much you can order in the time allotted for rocks;
Phantom mode: fast and slow unpredictable, unpredictable and interesting;
Hexagon: drag the hexagon combination to board the blanks, arranged in the ranks of the complete can eliminate score;
Elimination: click on two or more same color squares can be eliminated;
Drag: will be at the bottom of the three alternative grid square a layer, a row or a column covered can be removed
Tear: balls will launch to spin on the ball of ball doesn't touch any successful pass
Around eliminate: balls will pop up with swivel the corresponding color, the same color is eliminated.
A new round of abuse heart challenge has come, Are you ready?




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