W&B Extended - Helicopters


  • 価格:5400JPY
  • バージョン:3.1.8
  • 2017-02-16リリース


The Airbus Helicopters Weight & Balance application allows you to compute the weight and balance of Airbus Helicopters aircrafts and provides you with an overview of the fuel needs for a given mission.

All helicopter data, provided by Airbus Helicopters, is in conformance with the official Flight Manual and is updated regularly.

The Airbus Helicopters Weight & Balance application is dedicated exclusively to Airbus Helicopters customers. To use this application, you need a Customer KEYCOPTER Account.

Main functions:
- Mission definition
. Helicopters with optionals
. Crew
. Routes (not mandatory)
. Display on map the routes
- Weight and Balance computation
. Manual and Automatic pax allocation
. Longitudinal and Lateral diagrams
. W&B diagram for one or several routes
. Average fuel consumption on diagram
- Fuel computation
. Parameters for VFR or IFR flight
. Average fuel consumption, speed and wind (no performance computation)
. Display on map the range and endurance for the mission
. Results on a customizable sheet
- Reports
. W&B reports in PDF
. Fuel reports in PDF
. Customizable header
. Reports transfer by email
- Data
. Import / Export Databases
. import Way Points from Google Earth

- Aircraft data packages
. Light: AS350 B2, B3, B3e - EC130 T2
. Medium: EC155 B1, VIP - EC135 T3, VIP - EC145 T2, VIP - EC175 B, VIP
. Heavy: AS332 C1, C1e, L1, L1e - EC225



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