PokerFishs - Enjoy Hold'em with friends

開発: ChengDu SpeedFish Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 2016-05-07リリース


PokerFishs - The ultimate live experience of Texas Hold'em !
Easy to organize a game with freinds, with 32 room administration functions and 10 customized settings, safe, fair, and professional platform for uptimate hold'em experience !

[Insurance fuction as a live game]
- clearly shows pot size and payout amount;
- provide selective outs purchase option;
- transparent to all players;
- settle payouts/premium automatically;
- luckysquize function for the player behind;

[32 room administration functions and 10 customized settings]
- Texas Hold'em and Omaha;
- Number of players 2/6/8/9;
- Minimum buyin setting;
- Maxmum buyin setting;
- Total buyin setting;
- Ante;
- Compulsory Straddle;
- IP Control: players with same IP address are not allowed to play on the same table;
- GPS control: players with same GPS coordination are not allowed to play on the same table;
- 2/7 rule;
- Buyin limit setting for individual players on the table;
- Pause;
- Remove player from the table but stay in the room;
- Lock the room to prevent new players from entering;
- Extend the game length;
- Remove player from the room;
- Mute the game for chat;
- Mute the player for chat;
- Option to straddle;
- Prevent blacklist/stranger from entering the game;
- Screen rotate;
- Free call time in a hand;
- Set personal notes for players;
- Reserve your seat for 180 senconds;
- Broadcast for hands with four of a kind and above;

[Advance Technology]
- As for our server, we have adopted a safe, efficient and most widely-used server operating system.
- As for our client-side, we have adopted the most advanced 3D engine, a world-famous multi-platform integrated development tool.
- Renowned RSA encryption algorithm to prevent hacking;
- Secured system to prevent from cheating, for eg, the customer end can only receive its own data;

[Tranparent shuffling and dealing algorithm]
1. Dadabase A: Randomely shuffled 52 poker cards.
2. Shuffle: Divide database A into group a and group b randomly from a position in sequence 20-32, pick randomly 3 cards from group a into New database B, pick randomly 3 cards from group b into database B and put them on top, repeat the process till all cards are in database B to complete one cycle of cross cards. There are 3-7 cycles before database C formed.
3. Cut the card: In database C, randomely select P(a position 2<=P<=51) to cut the card and switch cards from top to bottom.
4. Deal: Randomly deal the cards from database C starting from player behind button.
5. Board cards: to simulate a live game, the system will burn a card before dealing a flop/turn/river.
To create a fair gaming platform, the system is designed in a way to ensure absolute randomness.




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