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Airspace Explorer is a flight tracking and airspace education app. It has been developed by NATS (the UK’s leading provider of Air Traffic Control services) in partnership with FlightAware (the global flight data provider) and supported by AirTeamImages – the aviation images library.

NATS is the UK’s leading provider of Air Traffic Control Services. Each year we handle over 2.2 million flights and 220 million passengers in UK airspace.

Airspace Explorer is the lite version of a more comprehensive data and feature rich app that we use at NATS to help with operational awareness. We thought that a lite version of our internal app might be of interest to the general public and be helpful in explaining some of the concepts underpinning Air Traffic Control.

The app lets you explore airspace all over the world, discover flights and tap into a wealth of information about airspace, airports, aircraft and airlines.

Spin the 3D globe to explore the world, with over 10,000 live flights for you watch in both 2D and 3D modes. Simply tap a plane to discover information for that flight, including departure and destination, location, flight number, airline, altitude, speed and aircraft type.

Tap an airport to see live data including arrival and departure boards, airborne flights, satellite photos and the current weather at that location.

Explore the airspace over the UK and learn more about the invisible infrastructure underpinning air traffic management. Investigate the different types of controlled and uncontrolled airspace structures in some of the busiest and most complex skies in the world.

We hope you enjoy playing with Airspace Explorer and learning a little more about the wonders of modern aviation.

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