DA2 Weather

開発: A.G. Enterprises

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  • バージョン:1.6
  • 2016-01-20リリース


Super-Fast. Super-Accurate. Hyper-Local.

DA2 Weather uses GPS to provide super-accurate hyper-local weather and altitude information, plus the density altitude too.

DA2 Weather is exactly what you want from a weather app - easy, super-fast, super-accurate and hyper-local.

DA2 Weather features Include:
• Easy, super-fast, super-accurate and hyper-local realtime weather information *
• Uses GPS for hyper-local information based on your actual physical location *

Realtime weather details include:
• Current Temperature
• Heat Index
• Conditions
• Humidity
• Precipitation
• Visibility
• Wind speed and direction
• Barometric pressure
• Altitude
• Density Altitude
• Time for Sunrise and Sunset

DA2 Weather also provides detailed hyper-local weather information that includes: future forecast for the week ahead and hour by hour for each day, dew point, wind speed, wind gusts and direction, clouds visibility and UV, static and animated weather radar maps with severity overlays, and warnings for severe weather, storms, strong winds advisories and a lot more.*

Who uses DA2 Weather?
• Anyone that wants super-accurate and hyper-local realtime weather information that's based on their actual location.
• Pilots, Drag Racers, and Race Car Drivers that want realtime weather and altitude information with super-accurate density altitude calculations.**

* Integration with Weather Underground for realtime weather information. Requires Internet connectivity and Location Services enabled.
** Calculations are estimates only and should be used accordingly.



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