Quick & Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

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If you are looking for healthy cooking recipes, chances are, you are trying to lose weight or want to eat healthier. There are a lot of ways that we can eat healthier. Try out the new pressure cooking ideas and enjoy.


[+] Tomato pasta soup with rosemary

[+] Moules a la mariniere

[+] Lamb Tagine with preserved lemons, almonds and apricots

[+] Pot roast Chinese pork shoulder with five-spice, plums, chilli and ginger

[+] Sausage Stew

[+] Spicy chicken Rogan Josh

[+] Pot roast chicken with bacon, cider and mushrooms

[+] Perfect steamed rice

[+] The best fluffy couscous

[+] Quick smashed vegetables

[+] Quick cooked butternut squash or pumpkin

[+] Steamed vegetables

[+] Steamed potatoes

[+] Steamed and marinated peppers and aubergine

[+] Pound pudding

[+] UCC Video Tutorials.

[+] In-App Notepad.

[+] In-App Picture Share.

[+] In-App Goal Tracker.

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