Weather4D Routing & Navigation


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  • バージョン:2.0.44
  • 2015-12-09リリース


Weather4D Routing & Navigation replaces Weather4D 2.0. This state of the art application integrates weather forecasting, routing calculations and navigation with official marine charts to maximize your boating experience from preparation to post navigation track review.

Weather4D Routing & Navigation instruments display information such as SOG, COG, TWS, AWS etc…, ETAs, ETWs, AIS data, in real time along with weather and routing information with a wifi connection to a transponder.

Between dusk and dawn, the screen can be set to night mode making it an ideal set of instruments during your watch.

Alarms can be set to let you know about low precision GPS signal, excessive XTE, course deviations, surrounding boats, wind speed and low depth.

GFS model is provided by default. In addition, over 35 weather and oceanographic models are available with a yearly subscription (in-app purchase). Queries and downloads are fully customizable.

Create your own geographical zones, select the GRIB files you need and download only the characteristics that matter to you: choice of data, resolution, periodicity, file size, etc. GRIB files can be downloaded anywhere through a regular or satellite internet connection.

Weather4D Routing & Navigation displays the combined data as layered layers. All the data of a selected model is displayed by an animation in continuous time scrolling or in manual scrolling on the map.

The weather forecast is displayed in one or two windows (iPad only), offering several display combinations of the same area: navigation and weather, weather and waves or currents, comparison of different models. The two windows can be disassociated for displaying the same area at different scales.

Weather4D Routing & Navigation makes it possible to optimize sailing or motor, or mixed sail-motor routes.

You can save waypoints, locations, simulate routes, combine them with GRIB forecast models and thus get a holistic view of all the parameters affecting route calculations based on the selected options.

From a theoretical route using the engine, a routing calculation will take into account wind force and wave height constraints. When sailing, a polar combined with wind and current forecasts will also be used. In all cases, the routing calculation optimizes for safety, comfort and performance.

Several routes can be displayed to compare the outcome of different options: different forecast patterns, departure dates and times, selected constraint values. The routing can be restarted at anytime from the actual position of the boat.

Default Models and Charts
Weather4D Routing comes standard with the GFS global forecast model at 0.25 °, 0.5 °, 1 ° and 2 ° resolutions. Two global satellite (BING) and global terrestrial (Open Street Map) charts.

Optional Models (GRIBs) and Nautical Charts (additional fees apply):
Models (GRIBs)
The high-resolution weather models NAM, COAMPS, WRF (USA), GEM (Canada), ARPEGE Global, ARPEGE Europe, AROME, AROME HD (France), AROME (DOM-TOM), as well as WW3 wave models and MERCATOR OCEAN currents, and MFWAM and NCOM current models are supplied in a single pack available by annual subscription (in-app purchase).

Nautical Charts
The official raster charts issued by the International Hydrographic Services come from the GeoGarage cartographic server, which offers a wide choice subscription service and keeps them updated at all times. Pricing and chart selection is done per editor. Once the subscription is purchased, charts are accessible within the application.

Currently available editors are:
CHS (Canada)
DHNV (Venezuela)
DHN (Brazil)
SHN (Argentina)
LINZ (New Zealand)
SHOM (France / DOM-TOM / Polynesia + international)
UKHO (UK and dependencies + international)
BSH (Germany)
NLHO (Netherlands)
VLAMMSE (Belgium)
DGA (Denmark)
NHS (Norway)
ICG-HD (Iceland)
NLHO (Nederland)




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