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LiuXingVPN is a dedicated to provide customers with external network services app software, we have high-quality server resources, can provide customers with faster and better services. No ad, free trial, the first registration in the official website can be a free trial 1 hour! AppStore also supports all five kinds of connection mode VPN: followed by: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN. IOS7 above system users: iOS7 default can be used within the application VPN connection is IPSec / IKEv2 way. IOS7 above system users: iOS7 default can be used within the VPN connection is the IPSec / IKEv2 way. , If you need to make PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN way, please click on the top right corner of the landing after the "manual settings" of the description file is signed, please feel free to use. Why choose meteor VPN? Because we provide a stable service. Meteor VPN was established in 2012, the well-known domestic VPN service providers, with its stable service much favored by the majority of users, 7 days x24 hours of dynamic monitoring of the entire network, professional technical team to ensure stable operation of the server, because we have worldwide services Line servers in 9 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Japan, Korea, mainland China, Singapore and so on because we let the use of more simple system automatically after the opening instantly, just click on automatic configuration Start, all packages are no speed and flow restrictions, you can use all the service lines. Because we provide enterprise QQ customer service through enterprise-class QQ: 800046973 provide online advice, working hours 9: 00-24: 00, real-time users to solve various problems.




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