Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety

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Feeling stressed, sad or suffering from a lack in energy? Find out if you show symptoms of depression in an interactive depression screening and improve your mental well-being.

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Moodpath is an interactive mental health screening and improvement program that detects symptoms of depression. After answering questions concerning your emotional and physical well-being you receive a professional assessment of your mental health that you can share and discuss with your physician or therapist. Moodpath is a CE-certified medical product and does not collect any personal data.


- 14 day depression screening with 3 question blocks per day
- Interactive modules to understand the psychology behind your mood
- After 14 days: Professional assessment that you can share with your GP or therapist
- Statistics allow you to keep track of your mental well-being


- Reduce uncertainty whether or not you suffer from a depressive episode
- Monitor your mental well-being
- Understand the psychology behind your mood
- Use Moodpath as mood journal during psychotherapy


Worldwide over 350 million people experience a depressive episode each year. Moodpath is designed to empower people affected, to foster self-awareness and to decrease stigma. The app was developed with scientists in the field of online therapy research and is a CE-certified medical product. It can be used by patients to support the process of psychotherapy but is made available to anyone suffering from emotional distress.


Moodpath will ask you 3 times a day questions concerning your emotional and physical well-being over the course of 14 days. After the screening you will receive an indication whether or not you exhibit symptoms that fall into the category of a “clinical depression” and if you are recommended to consult with a mental health professional. The information that you provide during the screening will be made available as a pdf file that you can either print out or send as e-mail to the healthcare professional of your choice. Additionally, you have access to a broad range of interactive psychoeducative modules that explain causes of depression, how you detect a depression and strategies to overcome a depression.


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