Landlordy Personal Edition

開発: E-protect

  • 価格:5400JPY
  • バージョン:1.9.3
  • 2015-10-26リリース


Manage your rental business – track tenants, rent payments, invoices and expenses, manage appliances and maintenance records, keep track of tenant balance and payment history, get instant financial reports and useful reminders to be an even better landlord.

- Manage rental business expenses, keep related photos and documents organized
- Create and send rent invoices to tenants via email or text messages
- Track rent payments, send payment receipts to tenants
- Keep track on tenant balance, payment and invoicing history
- Manage tenant and lease details, make important notes, photos and files easily accessible
- Keep track of appliances in the property, manage appliance safety check/maintenance records
- Get reminders for outstanding payments and expenses due, know in advance when existing lease agreements has to be renewed or appliances require your attention
- See instant financial reports on income and expenses, share data via with your accountant via Dropbox
- Keep your and your tenant data private on your device without sharing it with 3rd parties

Personal Edition features included:
- Unlimited number of properties and rental units
- Unlimited number of tenants/rental agreements
- Data export, backup & recovery features using Dropbox
- Custom rent invoice, payment receipt and expense templates for sharing with tenants
- Custom expense categories and payment types
- Priningt/sharing of cash flow reports and tenant balance statements

Simple and easy to use. Enhanced by thoughtful details like optimized document camera with b&w mode that helps saving space on your device, custom keyboard for entering amounts that supports simple calculations. And there's more.

Don't forget, in most countries software used for property management is considered tax-deductible expense (check with your accountant).



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