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開発: Mykoon Co.,Ltd.

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What is Spoon Radio?

Spoon is a unconventional radio created by you!
- Where your daily lives become entertaining broadcasts
- Where you can listen to and communicate with your favorite broadcasters
- Where you can confidently express the overflowing talents you've always wanted to share
- Where you can have fun with other users. All by using just your voice.
All by using just your voice.

[A look into Spoon]

1. An unconventional personal radio?
Spoon is an individual radio where anyone can easily broadcast and secure his own circle of listeners by gaining fans.
We offer a variety of live and recorded content anyone can listen to.

2. Stories I want to hear?
- Music > Enjoy a variety of music contents together with BJs who have overflowing personalities
- Information > Experience smart broadcasting that delivers a variety of information including topics on books, poetry and current news
- Daily life > Discover daily stories transformed into radio broadcasts
- Love > Have you ever experienced receiving dating advice from the radio?
- Humor > Listen to voices that would make you laugh and discover an exciting new concept of humor

Tip: Try communicating real-time with broadcasters during live broadcasts to make your experience more interesting.

3. Stories I want to share?
- You can broadcast real-time through LIVE or upload your recorded stories using CAST.
- Spoon is an individual radio application that anyone can easily use.

4. What if you meet a BJ or Spooner you want to be friends with?
- If you listen to a broadcast and encounter a BJ with a charming voice or entertaining stories, then you can go to that person's profile and become a FAN.
- You will get notifications about this BJ and unlock communication functions that you can use.

[Spoon Challenge]

- Challenge yourself to become a BJ! (We want to hear your stories!)
- Communicate with your favorite BJs during live broadcasts or in Spoon Talk! (Make an interesting radio broadcast together)
- Become a FAN of your favorite BJ! (Get live broadcast notifications and try various FAN functions)

[Frequently Asked Questions]

- What makes Spoon Radio unique?
Spoon is the pioneer in live audio broadcasting that provides unconventional content in the form of a personal radio broadcast.
- Who are the main users of Spoon?
Spoon's main users are those who are interested in radio and belong to the 20~30 age bracket.
However, you can still find BJs belonging to various age brackets.



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